3rd Battalion 116th Infantry Regiment
1st Brigade "Stonewall"
29th Infantry Division (Light)
Virginia Army National Guard


Pictures & Graphics

A picture of the webmaster

The 116th Infantry Brigade

The AUSA Army Green Book Cover depicting a soldier from Cco.

The same soldier as in the above picture used in an Army Poster

Picture of leaders and soldiers from the unit Multi National Force Sinai

The Normandy American Cemetery above Omaha Beach

World War II Anniversary Ceremony in St-Lô

29th Divsion Colors at the Lafayette Memorial in France

Painting of "The First Muster" - the beginning of the National Guard.

Painting - "29 LET's GO" - The 29th Infantry Division at Normandy, June 6, 1944

Painting - "First Wave at Omaha: The Ordeal of the Blue and Gray"

Description and Significance of the 29th Division Patch

Description and Significance of the 116th Regimental Crest

Current Combat Divisions and Division Patches

Army National Guard Enhanced Brigades

The Minuteman Statue

The 29th Division Patch

The 116th Regimental Crest

C/3/116th Infantry guarding the Sava River Bridge in Bosnia

Maj. Gen. Carroll Childers, commander of the Army Guard's 29th Infantry Division that includes Charlie Company addresses the troops at Fort Polk, LA.

Maj. Gen. Carroll Childers with a soldier from Charlie Company at Fort Polk, LA.

Charlie Company marching in formation at Fort Polk, LA.

Charlie Company marching in the going-away parade in Leesburg on Saturday, September 6.

Unit Organizational Charts

January 1999 military funeral service at the Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia for Willy Williams -- an Infantry company commander in the 29th Infantry Division, 116th Regimental Combat Team (RCT) during the World War II June 6th 1944 Normandy invasion of Europe.

An officer of our unit visits the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Washington D.C.

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