3rd Battalion 116th Infantry Regiment
1st Brigade "Stonewall"
29th Infantry Division (Light)
Virginia Army National Guard


Unit History

A Brief History of the 3rd of the 116th Infantry

The 116th Infantry Brigade

Obituary of COL Herbert L. Turner AUS (ret)

The Lineage and Honors of the 29th Infantry Division

A History of the 29th Infantry Division

Current Units of the 29th Division

Picture - "29 LET's GO" - The 29th Infantry Division at Normandy, June 6, 1944

Picture - "First Wave at Omaha: The Ordeal of the Blue and Gray" from the Heritage series of paintings depicting the National Guard in military action.

Description and Significance of the 29th Division Patch

Description and Significance of the 116th Regimental Crest

Picture of leaders and soldiers from the unit Multi National Force Sinai

The Battalion has deployed Charlie Company to Bosnia as part of Operation Joint Guard

The 29th Division legendary VIXEN-TOR jeep.

Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia

The Virginia State Army National Guard patch.

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